What we do

We strive for creative and perfect welding with seamless welds and always meet the highest quality standards. Systematically we check for quality, both during welding and in the execution of the processes. We can perform certified welding using the welding procedures established by the customer.

Certified high-quality welding


Orbital welding

High-quality pipe joints with perfect penetration and a smooth inner seam. These high quality welds are made by using detailed knowledge about all parameters you need to set and adjust precisely for each individual welding task.

Stainless steel TIG welding

TIG welding is classified as “electric arc welding”. The technique uses a non-consumable electrode. This is made of tungsten. Sometimes small amounts of other substances are added to improve the quality of the welding arc. Filler is manually added in the melt or by means of an automatic wire feed. The use of TIG welding techniques will result in high quality welds.

Micro TIG welding

Micro TIG welding is welding at low current levels and making thin welds. The process is intended to create tiny welding or welding of sheet materials with thicknesses in the order of a few tenths of a millimeter.

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